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Sécurité au carré

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03. - 04. September 2025


Beaulieu SA, Avenue Bergières, Lausanne, Switzerland

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About the Sécurité au carré

In recent years, the French-speaking program at the “ArbeitsSicherheit Schweiz” has gained increasing popularity. The topics of occupational safety, health protection, and security have also steadily gained in importance. Therefore, from September 3rd to 4th, 2025, the “Sécurité au carré – Salon romand spécialisé pour la sécurité” will be held for the first time at the Expo Beaulieu fairgrounds in Lausanne.

Sécurité au carré Sécurité au carré Sécurité au carré Sécurité au carré

What Can You Expect?

Become an active co-creator of the new platform for decision-makers in the fields of safety, health protection, and occupational safety! Lausanne, as a central location in Romandy, provides ideal starting conditions for “Sécurité au carré,” which takes place in odd-numbered years, alternating with “ArbeitsSicherheit Schweiz” (Zurich/even-numbered years). In contrast to ArbeitsSicherheit Schweiz, physical safety will play a significant role here and represent one of the four core areas of Sécurité au carré.

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03- 04 September Beaulieu SA

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Sécurité au carré
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Sécurité au carré focuses on intensive, high-quality business networking between security experts and validated professional visitors.

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Our meet-ups effectively and straightforwardly connect exhibitors and sponsors with the right professional visitors, fostering dialogue and exchange.

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United for Success: The Key Partners Driving Industry Excellence at Sécurité au carré 2025

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Don’t miss the opportunity to network with decision-makers, experts, and professionals in the security industry and to prominently present your products or solutions. Sécurité au carré offers an exclusive platform to engage in direct contact with validated professional visitors, share knowledge, and build successful business relationships.

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